English for CACD 2-2021 8*-week course

This course will be given by zoom.

New students from outside Brasilia should contact our Director of Distance Learning Prof. Susie Casement sccasementm@yahoo.com, as there is a waiting list for this group.


Part 1 [5 weeks March 15th - April 9th]: Phase 1 (TPS) -Text comprehension and vocabulary and Phase 2 - written English. Regular practice in Translation from and into Portuguese, Summary-writing and Composition.

*There will be a one-week break after TPS on April 11th to check answers and for students to prepare their appeals against TPS questions.

Part 2 [3 weeks April 19th -May 8th] final preparations for Phase 2

The course is for students who are already at an advanced level.

If you have not studied with us before, take our placement test.

Group A - Monday evenings 19:10-21:00
Group C - Thursday mornings 8:30-10:20
Group D - Thursday mornings 10:40-12:30
Group F - Monday afternoons 15:40-17:30
Group G - Tuesday mornings 10:15-12:05

Cost of the course

Cost of the course: two payments of R$500,00 each or a single payment of R$990,00

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. Also, if you are a new student, don't forget to take the placement test.

Distance Learning

This course is exclusively for very advanced students who live outside the Federal District. It works as a correspondence course, with regular correction of individual exercises. We only accept a very few students, because detailed correction and orientation are given. It is normal to have to join the waiting list before a place becomes available.

While the regular classes are being given by Zoom, registered DL students may also attend.

To apply for the waiting list, please fill in your placement test and send it to Susie Casement Moreira at sccasementm@yahoo.com.

For more about how the distance learning groups work, click here.



The first phase of CACD exam has been postponed. View the announcement here.

Our course will be extended as necessary. Await developments.

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