CACD 2017

6-week course for Phase 2 English

All classes are very advanced - Council of Europe C1 level. If you have not studied with us before, please take the placement test. Click here.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. Also, if you are a new student, don't forget to take the placement test.


Cost of the 6-week course:
R$650,00 [for those rejoining after TPS] payable in 2 payments of R$325,00. For students who haven’t studied with us in 2017 R$700,00 payable in 2 x R$350,00.


Candidates for CACD 2018: there will be a new 10-week course starting in the week of October 9th.


CACD 2018

Preparation for CACD 2018 begins on October 5th and in the week of October 9th, with a new 10-week course. CACD 2018 is likely to be in the first semester of 2018, possibly starting as early as February, for a new IRBr class of diplomats, to start in July 2018.

Teachers for 2017

Sara Walker
Susie Casement Moreira
Peter Leamy
Alexandra da Costa

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