ABIN & CACD 2018

English course for ABIN and CACD Phase 1 TPS + Phase 2 English starting week of January 15th 2018

All classes are very advanced - Council of Europe C1 level. If you have not studied with us before, please take the placement test. Click here.

Current Affairs Group A
Monday evenings 19:10-21:00 (priority to students who work during the day)

Current Affairs Group C
Thursday mornings 8:10 - 10:00
Sorry! This group is full. You can join the waiting list by emailing sara@sarawalker.com.br

Current Affairs Group D
Thursday mornings 10:30-12:20

Current Affairs Group F
Monday afternoons 15:40-17:30

Current Affairs Group G
Tuesday mornings 10:15-12:05

Current Affairs Group H
Tuesday evenings 19:10-21:00

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. Also, if you are a new student, don't forget to take the placement test.


Part 1 Week of January 15th until March 11th [ABIN]
The course will give regular practice in CESPE-style TRUE/FALSE comprehension exercises for ABIN and for CACD Phase 1. Written homework will involve Translation from and into Portuguese, Summary-writing and Composition for CACD Phase 2.

Part 2 From the week of March 12th until the CACD Phase 2 English exam
Please note that in 2018, English is again likely to be a 5-hour eliminating examination, involving Translation from and into Portuguese, Summary-writing and Composition.


Cost of the course:
CACD: One payment of R$500,00 due at the start of the course, followed by monthly payments of R$450,00, due on 15/02, 15/03, etc.
ABIN From January 15th-March 11th [ABIN exam]: One payment of R$500,00 due at the start of the course, followed by monthly payments of R$450,00, due on 15/02 or a single discount payment of R$930,00 for the two months.


Distance learning:

Learning: we have two small groups of distance learners who work mainly by correspondence. At the moment, these groups are full. Students interested in entering the waiting list for this mode should write to our Distance Tutor, Profa. Susan Casement Moreira: sccasementm@yahoo.com, attaching the completed placement test.

For more about how the distance learning groups work, click here.


ABIN & CACD 2018

classes start in the week of January 15th 2018

Registrations for English for ABIN & CACD 2018 are now open. The ABIN objective test is also organised by CESPE and we expect many of our CACD candidates to take both exams. Our Current Affairs courses will also include ABIN practice until the Objective test on March 11th. To see the ABIN Edital/Regulations, click here.

CACD 2018 [Diplomatic entrance exam] is expected to take place in the first semester due to the elections. The new IRBr class of diplomats should start in July 2018.

Teachers for 2018

Sara Walker
Susie Casement Moreira
Peter Leamy
Alexandra da Costa

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