To prepare for CACD English, we are offering the following study options:

English course for Phase 1 TPS and Phase 2 English starting week of January 15th 2018



CACD 2018

Registrations for English for CACD 2018 are now open for current students to renew. They will reopen for everybody else on December 14th.

CACD 2018 is expected to take place in the first semester due to the elections. The new IRBr class of diplomats should start in July 2018.

Preparation classes for English Phases 1 [TPS] and 2 [eliminatory English exam] will begin again in the week of January 15th. Phase one will continue until the results of the TPS examination. Then there will be an opportunity to continue preparation for the Phase 2 examination or stop studying until the middle of the year.

Teachers for 2018

Sara Walker
Susie Casement Moreira
Peter Leamy
Alexandra da Costa

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