Summary of Curriculum Vitae
Sara Burkitt Walker

a)Educational Record (Higher Education)
University of Oxford, BA Hons. Cl II in Modern Languages 1960-63
University of London, MA in Area Studies (Latin America) 1966-7
Royal Society of Arts Certificate in the Teaching of English to Adults 1972

b)Professional Experience
British Council Project Manager, Tocantins English Project (a capacity-building project for secondary school English teachers in the state of Tocantins, in partnership between SEDUC- Secretaria de Educação and the British Council, funded by Projeto Alvorada- 2003-2004)
ELT Consultant, RW Programação Visual e Cursos Ltda, 1997 to the present
Consultancy and courses for the British Council, MARE, UNDP, Banco do Brasil S/A,
Banco Central do Brasil and Fundação Educacional do Distrito Federal;
Co-ordinator English, Instituto Rio Branco, Ministério das Relações Exteriores (Brazilian Foreign Service Training Academy) 1968-9; 1977-86; 1987 to the present
Member of the Advisory Panel, Macmillan English Dictionary, 1998 to the present
Member of the Editorial Adisory Panel, ELT Journal, Oxford University Press, 2001-2002
Co-founder and Principal of IBI-Independent British Institute, Brasília, 1973-96
Head Teacher, Sociedade Brasileira de Cultura Inglesa, Brasilia Branch 1969-72
Lecturer in English, Sociedade Brasileira de Cultura Inglesa, Rio de Janeiro 1967-9
Part-time lecturer in Translation, British Council, Portland Place, London, 1965-7
Teacher of French and Spanish, Sutton High School for Girls, Surrey, 1964-6
Assistante de Langue Anglaise, CEG Ëmile Dupont, Alençon, Orne, France 1963-4

c)Professional Affiliations
President of BRAZ-TESOL (the Brazilian Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) 1998-9; First Vice President 1996-7;
President of LAURELS (the Latin American Union of Registered English Language Schools) 1990-92; Vice President 1992-243; Admissions Officer, 1994-6;

English 2000 Landmark Review of ELT in Brazil 1997, the British Council, London 1997
Eight articles on teacher training techniques published in The Teacher Trainer, Canterbury England (1988-91)
Instituto Rio Branco Candidate’s handbook:English, Brasilia, FUNAG, 2000
Capitulo 2: Uma visão geral do ensino de Inglês no Brasil, em Caminhos e colheita: ensino e pesquisa na área de inglês no Brasil, org.Cristina Maria Teixeira Stevens & Maria Jandyra Cavalcanti Cunha, Editora UnB, 2003

Ordem do Rio-Branco, Grau Oficial, Brazilian Foreign Ministry, 1980
Member of the British Empire (MBE) 1988.



The Regulations/Edital are now out. The probable date of Phase1-TPS is August 30th and the propable dateof Phase 2-English is September 28th.

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