Summary of Curriculum Vitae
Sara Burkitt Walker

a)Educational Record (Higher Education)
University of Oxford, BA Hons. Cl II in Modern Languages 1960-63
University of London, MA in Area Studies (Latin America) 1966-7
Royal Society of Arts Certificate in the Teaching of English to Adults 1972

b)Professional Experience
British Council Project Manager, Tocantins English Project (a capacity-building project for secondary school English teachers in the state of Tocantins, in partnership between SEDUC- Secretaria de Educação and the British Council, funded by Projeto Alvorada- 2003-2004)
ELT Consultant, RW Programação Visual e Cursos Ltda, 1997 to the present
Consultancy and courses for the British Council, MARE, UNDP, Banco do Brasil S/A,
Banco Central do Brasil and Fundação Educacional do Distrito Federal;
Co-ordinator English, Instituto Rio Branco, Ministério das Relações Exteriores (Brazilian Foreign Service Training Academy) 1968-9; 1977-86; 1987 to the present
Member of the Advisory Panel, Macmillan English Dictionary, 1998 to the present
Member of the Editorial Adisory Panel, ELT Journal, Oxford University Press, 2001-2002
Co-founder and Principal of IBI-Independent British Institute, Brasília, 1973-96
Head Teacher, Sociedade Brasileira de Cultura Inglesa, Brasilia Branch 1969-72
Lecturer in English, Sociedade Brasileira de Cultura Inglesa, Rio de Janeiro 1967-9
Part-time lecturer in Translation, British Council, Portland Place, London, 1965-7
Teacher of French and Spanish, Sutton High School for Girls, Surrey, 1964-6
Assistante de Langue Anglaise, CEG Ëmile Dupont, Alençon, Orne, France 1963-4

c)Professional Affiliations
President of BRAZ-TESOL (the Brazilian Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) 1998-9; First Vice President 1996-7;
President of LAURELS (the Latin American Union of Registered English Language Schools) 1990-92; Vice President 1992-243; Admissions Officer, 1994-6;

English 2000 Landmark Review of ELT in Brazil 1997, the British Council, London 1997
Eight articles on teacher training techniques published in The Teacher Trainer, Canterbury England (1988-91)
Instituto Rio Branco Candidate’s handbook:English, Brasilia, FUNAG, 2000
Capitulo 2: Uma visão geral do ensino de Inglês no Brasil, em Caminhos e colheita: ensino e pesquisa na área de inglês no Brasil, org.Cristina Maria Teixeira Stevens & Maria Jandyra Cavalcanti Cunha, Editora UnB, 2003

Ordem do Rio-Branco, Grau Oficial, Brazilian Foreign Ministry, 1980
Member of the British Empire (MBE) 1988.




To all face-to-face students {Groups A,C,D,F and G]

As the governor of the DF has decreed the closure of all classes until April lst, please treat this course as distance learning for the next couple of weeks.

New exercises will be placed on the platform and you should upload your homework for correction as usual and use whatsapp or skype to clarify your doubts.

I am really sorry about this, but I am in the high risk group and I think it is better to be safe than sorry. Sara

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