Summary of Curriculum Vitae
Peter Leamy

a) Educational Record (Higher Education)

Victoria University of Wellington, Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics 1997–2000
University of Cambridge ESOL, Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults (Grade A) 2008

b) Professional Experience

2016-present: English teacher at Instituto Rio Branco, MRE, Brasília
2013–present: English Teacher at Casa Thomas Jefferson and private classes
2010–present: Speaking Examiner for Cambridge Exams (KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE), IELTS and CaMLA (ECCE, ECPE)
2006–present: Freelance Portuguese – English Translator and Translation Reviewer of various texts including articles, theses, promotional material for Folha de Pernambuco and educational material for Fundação Joaquim Nabuco Pesquisa Escolar
2007–2012: English Teacher at Cultura Inglesa Madalena, Recife
2010–2011: Blog Writer for Pixifish Writing Company
2006–2007: English Teacher at Sharing English, Recife
2006–2007: English Teacher at CCAA Language School, Recife
2005: Technical Service Representative at Lifescan Canada
2005: Client Support Agent at Medical Services Plan of British Columbia
2001–2004: Recreation Co-ordinator at the Wellington City Council

c) Conference and Course Presentations

It All Makes Sense: A Logical Approach to ELT - 15th Braz-TESOL International Conference, Brasília, 2016
Write Right in Exams - 15th Braz-TESOL International Conference, Brasília, 2016
Exam Writing Templates – MYCRAFT: Rebooting ELT Skills BRAZ-TESOL Brasília, 2015
Debunking the Myths of Online/Hybrid Teaching – 3rd Alumni, CTJ and IBEU TEFL Conference, Rio de Janeiro, 2015
Entering the World of Hybrid Learning – Casa Thomas Jefferson In-house Mini-course session, Brasília, 2015
What the #@&! Do We Do About Swearing? – Casa Thomas Jefferson Teaching English as a Foreign Language Seminar, Brasília, 2014 and Associação das Culturas Inglesas do Norte e Nordeste (ACINNE) 2011 Conference, Salvador
Testing with Technology – A Modern Approach to Oral Examinations – Brazilian Association of Teachers of English as a Second or Other Language (BRAZ-TESOL) 2010 Conference, São Paulo, Associação Brasileira de Culturas Inglesas (ABCI) 2010 Conference, Rio de Janeiro and Latin American British Cultural Institutes (LABCI) 2009 Conference, Buenos Aires.
Making the Most of Cambridge Exams – Associação Brasileira de Culturas Inglesas (ABCI) 2010 Conference, Rio de Janeiro



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