Paulo Kol died on July 8th 2015 after a serious illness. We mourn his death. He played a fundamental role in establishing the materials, methods and techniques used in our courses. As a teacher both at Sara Walker Special English Courses and at the Instituto Rio Branco, he demanded the highest standards from himself and those he taught. He was always sensitive and positive in the feedback he gave to his students and his colleagues. Everybody who studied and worked with him will remember him with deep affection and with gratitude for his human values and professional gifts.

Summary of Curriculum Vitae
Paulo Kol

a)Educational Record (Higher Education and English Teaching Qualifications)

b)Professional Experience

c) Activities related English teaching



The Regulations/Edital are now out. The probable date of Phase1-TPS is August 30th and the propable dateof Phase 2-English is September 28th.

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