Sara Walker's Special English Courses

SW Special English courses (founded 1997) is a small consultancy company offering select advanced English training for candidates for the Brazilian Diplomatic Service (Instituto Rio Branco- CACD) and professionals working in the field of international relations. We also have two extension courses, for those who enjoy Advanced Conversation and/or Literature

In addition, we carry out teacher training and consultancy work for the British Council, Banco do Brasil, SA, and other organisations.


June 2016: Ministro Alessandro Candeas interviews Sara about her long career at IRBr




CACD 2019

At this year’s Dia do Diplomata ceremony, the President confirmed there will be a 2019 CACD. However, there is still some administrative work to be done before the publications of the Regulations/ Edital.

Join our new course starting in the week of June 17th to prepare for the difficult English exams!

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