Sara Walker's Special English Courses

SW Special English courses (founded 1997) is a small consultancy company offering select advanced English training for candidates for the Brazilian Diplomatic Service (Instituto Rio Branco- CACD) and professionals working in the field of international relations. We also have two extension courses, for those who enjoy Advanced Conversation and/or Literature

In addition, we carry out teacher training and consultancy work for the British Council, Banco do Brasil, SA, and other organisations.


June 2016: Ministro Alessandro Candeas interviews Sara about her long career at IRBr




CACD 2016

Congratulations to the 11 of our students who passed- we look forward to working together with you again at IRBr in January. Commiserations to those who came so close but didn't make the top 30 in the tests.

CACD 2017 Online registrations are now open for returning students. They will open for new students on Monday, December 19th.

Teachers for 2017

Sara Walker
Susie Casement Moreira
Peter Leamy
Alexandra da Costa

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